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1 sinar mas employment agency on Fri Mar 22, 2013 10:09 am

anyone have used the above agency? I did not find the agency helpful and they have a high rate of transfer maids. I took a transfer maid from them as i needed one urgently but it didnt work out so i returned her and asked for a replacement. Told them my expectations and didnt mind to wait for a longer time for a suitable one. Was told a maid will be available because owner leaving to Australia but having waited 2-3 weeks later, when the date that she is supposedly to be available has past, i called to ask. To be told that she couldnt contact the owner. Next day when i call again the agent told me the owner has transferred the maid to her neighbout. My question is shouldnt the agent keep me update and not make me wait 3 weeks for nothing. And shouldnt she actually make sure she will have the maid before committing to me? Then she recommended another maid she claimed is very good ex singapore. She told me about the maid's past and due to the time lapsed , i took the maid. I didnt mind her age but realised the agency had hidden some details and she is not as good as said. Sounds familiar? She has current boyfriends and when i asked agent for help , agent told me its a norm for all maids to have boyfriends now. Is it true? This maid is also much older than her reported age, she cant hide because she looks old (I was already told before so no complain). What i found out is she still have a Ah Bang in Singapore and she ever got into a fight with another maid ...she is not a great cook as she was depicted as and her english is not good as stated in her profile. Agent also told her not to be so honest and to hide her boyfriend matter from me. Not a very good advice from agent I thought. Well..its now up to readers if you like to look up the above agency for your new maids. But they do always have ready transfer maids if you need one urgently... not sure if its good thing or bad

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