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Disappointed despite being a good employer

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1 Disappointed despite being a good employer on Wed May 08, 2013 12:40 am

I am a Singaporean employer. My dear I believe in human rights and have been following your page faithfully to know how maids think.
I am not blowing my own trumpet but can say that I am a good employer. I let my maid eat what we eat generously. I don stinge on food. I have told her to help herself to the biscuits, snacks, etc when hungry. I provide for her everything including mop and gloves. She uses the washing machine. She's been with us for 4 months now. A Filipino. I was glad i found her! My kids love her to bits. I believed I was the lucky one to get a good helper. But today my trust was broken. You see in the contract it says she can only use her handphone on weekends. Mon to fri no hp. Fri night to Sunday night she can have her Hp. This is only for 6 months. After 6 months she will keep her phone with her. I was so good to her and even bought her a singtel SIM card to use. But today I caught her using another phone with starhub SIM card. She was messaging secretly. Then she hid the phone in her pants. To be more accurate at her groin area. She didn't know I was looking. She thought I am sleeping. I am so disappointed my dear. She is taking care of my infant baby who is only 4 mths old. Won the Hp messaging distract her? Other than this I don have any other issues with her. I am happy with her performance. I am happy with the way she handles my kids and house. She cooks very well. And at times she shares with me so many things. When we go out we don look like employer and maid. We look like friends! I will chat with her just like my friend. Then why this secrecy in phone usage? I don understand. I have even told her she can tell me if she needs her phone urgently. I can pass it to her. I am not so strict you know. In fact today I bought for her slippers to wear at home as old ones were so worn out. I take care of her so well and didn't expect this from her. I am so sad. I need some comments from others! I will feel much better.

Miserable kind hearted employer.

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