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Indian Malayalee Maid Salini Monichan 31 years old - a big cheat

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I employed this malayalee maid Salini Monichan FIN G7988827W WP No 0 33779887, passport number F9661175. She is a big cheat who always was on the phone as she was moonlighting as an agent getting malayalee maids from Kerala for a singapore agent. She suddenly will complain back ache or head ache and rest the whole day, we have to serve her during this time, instead of her working for us, in addition to her off days.

Finally after 4 months, she suddenly said she need to go to her hometown as her daughter attained puberty, but the actual fact was that one of the maid she brought in here went back and lodged a police complaint and police had come to arrest her husband. THis I came to know through my agent here.

Then she came back stayed for one week and then started throwing tantrums, putting unnecessary blame on us which is totally out of context. We decided to sent her back and even lodged MOM complaint hoping she will never come back to hanut anyother human being in Singapore.

Inspite of the complaint. she came back, The worst thing happened. She had begged my husband to inform her prospective employer if they check that she was very good all along and only towards the end due to her severe headache she behaved abnormally. To make this lies strong, she even brought medical certificates from India showing she had headache. Any commonsense person will know that if headache maids dont tell lies and make false allegations but only lie down and refrain from doing work. This maid is a total disaster.

After we sent her back, she came back on social visit pass and supllied curry powders and also dod part time work for a month and finally found an employer who despite the blacklisting employed her, probably after checking with my husband on her headache.

The maid then started calling my husband to get his help, until one day I heard my husband talking to her, all the truth came out. Though she was working in another household she planned to come back to work in my house again, so she was trying to mesmerise my husband and convince him to reemploy her, inspite of us blacklisting her with MOM and as she know I am very angry for her behaviour earlier with me. Very clever and cunning indeed!!

This maid then tried to act innocent by saying her husband is not accepting her, as somebody informed him of her bad character, she managed to convince her current employer and she continues to stay in singapore.

I have come across many different kind of maids but this is the ultimate who tried to break my family even.

Please beware of this maid who do all other jobs other than being a maid in singapore.

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