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Aware of the cunning Myanmar maid

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1 Aware of the cunning Myanmar maid on Tue May 20, 2014 12:05 am

Nationality: MYANMAR
Passport No: M989943
Place of Birth: KATHA
WP NO.: 0 92802876 092802876
FIN: G6942982W
Date of Application: 28 Oct 2013

This maid is not fit for future employer.

She is very cunning and play trick and take advantage. Lying a lot, sneaked out without telling us and always on her phone, unhygienic, ignore electrical safety instruction. Caught her few times when she sneak out then said meet her brother, cousin or someone or buy something, and said sorry, will be the last time but still repeat and repeat. Enough of her crying crocodile tears.

Very angry once I was out to see doctor, left my two kids at home, she not only not taking responsibility to look after my kids but just tell my kids she want to go and buy something. My kids said have to ask mummy 1st but she ignore and just go out instead. She has my phone no. and just did not want to call me, knew that I will not allow her to go out, but take advantage of my kids. When my kids told me when I returned home, she said my kids allowed her to go out! Proof from my camera, she actually bring something out from my house but come back empty handed and lies to me to go and buy the medicated oil. I just bought her a bottle of medicated coil 4 days ago and saw still left 3/4 bottle that day before. We notice children's piggy bank coils are gone and a sealed coil bank is lost weeks ago. She came and tell me herself that she didn't take the children's money even I never told her abt this issue. We are very suspicious how could she had the money to spend for the 1st few months where she keep go out to buy this and that.

She had been sneaked out without telling us. Even if some one at home, she played trick to lie to my husband or me that already inform me or my husband and we had agreed to let her out. Almost go out alternate days but tried to play trick to lies to this and that. Totally not responsibility. Once it was another 5 mins time to shower my girl and send her to school at 12.25pm, but still insist to go and said to meet someone, ignore me even I not agreed her to go out at that moment as it is time to prepare my girl to school. End up I do my girl up and sent her to school. Cannot imagine if I'm not at home that day and how my girl do up to go school on time.

She insist want to go back her home as she claim not healthy, back pain and whole body pain, cannot work. Want to see her doctor in Myanmar for a month or so than return. Ask her to see doctor here but said only can take her own Myanmar medicine, she had been taken it for many years. Her friends always bring her the Myanmar medicine. Asked her to stop taken those medicine and should see doctor but refuse. Ask her to show me these medicine prescription but said don't have. Those are medicine she always taken, no problem. Once claim chess pain and want to get medicine from friend. Pretend going to faint and cannot work any more. After go out and come back, so refresh and like nothing happen. Never see her taking any medicine too that day.

Very cunning and play trick and take advantage. Very distract to work as she always with HP. Asked her to stop using when working, hide in toilet, room, kitchen, store room , etc for using HP. Otherwise, just said here pain, there pain, must go and get medicine from friend, must eat the medicine, etc.

Ignore safety instruction too when used household appliance such as electric kettle, iron and fan. Tell her not to fill the water too full, shall be below Max marking, but just on phone or hide in toilet using phone when filling water. Water exceed the limit just don't care and bring to boiling. Third electric kettle was under her hand. 1st kettle power plug melted and burnt through the white socket. Luckily I was at home and notice the burning and quickly off the ELCB (circuit breaker). Second set burning the heating element base. I witness the water boiling and spill out many times. Told her abt the safety so many times but just said sorry but repeat and repeat till the heat element burnt out too. Countless incidents that the cooking wok and cooking pot dry up. So many incidents that I was at home that time and switch off the stove while she still in toilet or room, iron and burnt out my kids school uniform while on phone.

Apart from that, the maid has very bad personnel hygiene. For abt to 7mth in my house, only wash her bedsheet twice, both are instructed by me. She can ignore her bed sheet with stain of her menstrual until my son saw that and felt disgusting and informed me abt it. I have to instruct her to wash immediately. Her own clothing also not wash, very smelling and scatter in the room every place. I have to instruct her to keep the room neat.

Normally stop work ard 10+am. Always on HP at night while folding the laundry. Spotted a few times that she clutch our laundry slept or hide them under her mattress. Once, all my kids underwear are slept with her foot. She slept a lone in a room, we often have to wake her up 6.30am to prepare breakfast for the kids at ard 7am, when she opened the door, I were mad when saw all these.

Do not think her attitude is fit for any future employer.

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2 Re: Aware of the cunning Myanmar maid on Tue May 27, 2014 4:03 pm

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