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Hello everyone.please be aware of the maid agency I meniontioned above. I chanced upon a Sri lankan maid and got to interview her and I was pretty satisfied. Hence after consulting my hubby, we booked her on 10 Apr 2014. We paid 988 in total and were informed that she will arrive end of April. It was already 28 of apr and no news of the Sri lankan maid. Then I had to do the calling and asking . The maid agency informed that the Sri lankan maid needs tto go for training and she will only come on 4 June. I was patient and told them. It's okay. I will wait. End of may arrived. No calls and I also couldn't reach the agent too. On 4 the June, tthe agent informed that I can't get the maid I wanted because they were facing some political issues with Sri lanka. At the moment they only have transfer maids. I didnt had a choice. They could have informed me earlier. But they failed not once... quite a number of times. Hence I took a Nepalese maid. Transfer maid.she was good at eating and chit chatting non stop. The maid even scolded my cancer patient mum for vomiting continuously. I send her back after 1.5 months. Took another maid. This time indonesian. I avoided indonesian because they were not worth the price but my situation was such I took a transfer maid from the same agent. This Indonesian doesn't know how to read time, doesn't know numbers. Doesn't know how to count money. We have lost so much of money to this agency. There's no proper service plus they can't be bothered if we face problem.s with the maid

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2 1stAllBest is very difficult on Thu Feb 05, 2015 2:49 pm

Currently i am having a very tough time with 1stAllBest Maid agency in Singapore. They seem to be extremely unprofessional and not reply to emails or answer phone calls. I found a maid profile in and reached out to them offhand. They wanted me to pay close to 3000$ in advance and said they will not process if i don't give the amount. I have signed the maid on documents on 3rd Dec 2014 and until today, i have not got her response. They are also not showing evidence of her completing her course or flight tickets until date. I am presently asking for a refund since it has been over 8 weeks and they are not doing much about this as well. I went to their office 3-4 times and found it closed . The concerned person when i pick the phone doesn't give me appointment time to meet him. This is frustrating and i hope to get a refund back at-least. I hope they can respect customer's time and effort and be a bit more professional !

I will let the forum know, if they are refunding or not.

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