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1 CHARE MYAT on Thu Dec 25, 2014 7:58 pm

CHARE MYAT from MYANMAR. Please do not employ her cause she's a dishonest and stubborn person that will not admit her mistake even till the day she left our house. She was a transferred maid, reason she gave is that employer asked her to sleep in store room, while the reason from agent is that the owner previous helper is coming back. Who to listen?? Although we never wanted to have a transfer maid cos they must be no good etc, but we just wanted to give it a try. She start from Dec 2013 till Nov 2014. Things that she had done :

- Sit on sofa
- Sleep on my mum's bed
- Tell lies
- Get caught using hp n still denied
- Purchase a new hp and hide behind cupboard to charge
- Don't bother taking care of my eldest child
- Went out without letting me know, only when saw her run across the road with my own eyes, when asked why never informed she kept quite
- Seen by neighbours doing funny things with construction workers,and friend seeing her using phone
- Took one hour just to buy her own lunch, where the food store is just downstairs
- Also took an hr to buy dinner, When told by my mum she asked my mum to go buy herself
- Request to send her to Malaysia instead of her home town
- And many more


Worst of all we managed to get another Myanmar maid, not even 3 weeks ( Nwe Ni Win ) she not well we brought her to GP clinic twice and X RAY, but she told us wanted to go back agent after spending almost $400 plus for medical fee.
They are nothing but trouble, really sick of their behaviour.
Really hope that MOM and the agency could penalty them, so they will not happy come, not happy go. Employer rights too.

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