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I got maid from greatlink emplyment agency at bukit timah. As per contract, it indicated that I will get full refund if maid is not willing to work for me. 1st maid work for me a month and return to agency but after 4 days, ran off to maid shelter, owned by MOM. I have to pay $250 air ticket for her to fly home. 2nd maid work for me 10 days and return to agency and ran off to maid shelter after a month. usually after a month if maid not able to transfer, maid will be transferred to agency to continue to pay for their levy. It is too coincidence that maids know where the shelter is when they have never been to Singapore. I've checked with my previous maids and they have told me that usually agency is the one who taught them what to do. The agency does not want to pay me back full refund as indicated in the contract but instead told me that I have to help them bear 1/2 of their losses as both maids went home. Why should I bear the losses when the maids want to return home? I have to pay for their air ticket home and have still have to bear their losses? I have maids for 14 years. I've never had any problem. My previous maid agency return me the full amount since I'm not able to get a maid.

Can anyone help me on this? Till now I've yet to get back my full amount. I'm not going to bear half of their losses. They are very dishonest. They even prepared the cheque for half of the amount.


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