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Raffles Employment Agency

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1 Raffles Employment Agency on Tue Jan 06, 2015 11:43 am

I took 2 maids frm this agency.

The 1st maid work 4 us 4 2 mths when she told me that she wants to go home. Her main readon was because she feels she has been cheated by the agency.

She was inform by her Indonesia agency that her loan is only 4 months but when she reach singapore, her loan is 9 mths!

I then took in a replacement maid and had to top up almost $1k for insurance n top up of the loan for the new maid.

The 2nd maid was unlike my previous maid. She is more daring n even lock my aged mum in while she go for a joy ride. Worst was when she told the agency that we didnt give her anythng to eat. My house has cctv and i have proof that she has 3 meals a day. But unfortunately the agency believe her and even send food for the maid w/out even consulting me!

Theres quite a number of things but friends do be careful when you take maid from this agency. They only trust the maids.

Their agency fee as well as the loan for the maid is also very high!

Raffles employment agency from Pioneer Mall.

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