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My maid has VD (STD)

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1 My maid has VD (STD) on Fri Jan 30, 2015 2:10 pm

My maid is just 6 months here. Did her first 6 months medical(6ME) check up and DR confirmed she has Venereal Disease (Sexually Transmitted Disease or STD). I have faxed the medical report to MOM. While I am waiting for replacement maid from my agent what am I suppose to do. I have faxed the medical report to MOM. Does that means she did not pass her 6ME? Is there by certain time I am send the maid to her country? Will MOM will just cancel her permit by certain time? Will I be liable for her treatment which is unfair. Just 6 months in Spore and catch VD.
I am just lost and what am I suppose to do? My agent say no problem but to me it alot problem coz she is still in my house!! Do anyone here has same experience or knows what I shall to

Please tell me!! thank you

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