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Irresponsible maid & poor service of maid agency

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I've employed Indonesian Maid from this maid agency in Bedok Blk 537 late last year but both request for transfer within 1 month.

The 1st maid ask for transfer reason given cannot get along with my mother-in law. She finds that my MIL is very fussy and always not satisfied with her work.  Actually the maid has problem since the day one.  1st day deployed to us she say she is in the midst of divorcing and request us to allow her use handphone regularly as she need to settle her case.  We are tremendously shocked with the news and feel that we being cheated.  We did not agreed with her request however we give in by trying her out since she said that her personal problem will not  jeopardize her work.  Unfortunately, during that 1 month she give us a hard-time.  Her performance is below our expectation and she's not focusing with her work.  She has made several mistakes and when my MIL scold her she's not happy and argument arise.  Since she has given a lot of problem at home, we agreed to her request and sent back to her agency to process for her transfer.

Subsequently, the replacement maid came in and we hoping that this will be better. Unfortunately, same thing happen.  On 1st day with us, she keep on crying request to go back home due to she missed her mum.  This is ridiculous! Both maid that we get from this agency all come with problem.  Since we pity her, we tried to console her like a babysitter for 2 weeks so that her emotion stable.  Within that 2 weeks we tried not to give her much work but we realised that she's a slow worker and always forgetful.  She often make stupid mistakes which need to redo.  We always give in and advise her to improve.  We even allowed her mum to call our home once every weekdays to talk to her whereas she will call her mum every weekend.

Suddenly, my nightmare come again.  Just 1 month with us, she request to transfer. She locked herself up in the toilet for 2 hours crying and left the house core unattended. I notified the agency and the agent call her to console, followed by her mum call.
We thought things has been resolved since she continues her work after being advised by the agent.  Unfortunately, the next day, she quietly left the house leave the door gate open with unfinished house cores and went to the agency office.

I was superr shocked when my MIL called me to inform she ran away from home. Lucky during the incident my MIL at home resting in the room.  Otherwise GOD knows what will happen if there is robbery or my young children back from school and see nobody at home but the door is not lock.  Definitely they will be in trauma.....

I quickly notified the agent and thought of making police report.  However about half an hour later the agency called and informed that the maid took a taxi and come to their office.

I was very angry and rush down to the agency to resolve the matter.
To my surprise, the agent is not questioning or scold the maid of her irresponsible behaviour but instead he ask us whether we want to transfer the maid or sent back home.  Initially we told him we do not want to transfer but he quoted that we cannot force the maid to work with us if she don't want to.  I'm so disappointed with the agent and ask what will be the implication if I sent her back.  I was left with no choice but to transfer her otherwise the maid loan that I had paid in advance will be forfeited.

I was super angry with this agency and the maid which has cause me trauma and unnecessary stress.

Therefore...please be careful when you choose maid agency because there are many unreliable.  Also take extra precaution when you choose transfer maid.  It will be good if you can do reference check with the ex-employer or question the agent the reason why is the maid been transferred.

I wish I can blacklisted this Indonesian maid to ensure that no other employer will be victimized like me.

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