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HP and OFF DAY for maid gives employer headache

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I just want to share my latest experience. I just renewed my maid contract and due to her good behaviour for the past 2 years. And my trust to her, so I decided to allow her use hp.

Within less than 1 month, her behaviour change 360 degrees to be the worst maid and no self respect maid I known. She was not only chatting 24hrs a day (as both employers are working) and no one at home except for a toddler, she was also chatting and getting to know strings of men on the chat line. To my horror, she and other maids in the same area were changing clothes at the playground and taking pictures infront of all the employers kids.

I now give her a curfew on using the hp and everyday take them and keep it lock. But she will no longer be with me long, as I am already looking for replacement so I can sent her home asap.

The govt never thing of the employer needs and always think that the maid are all treated unfairly. Employer are also working full time and never have the chance to chat nor enjoy hours of tea break like the maid do when they bring the kids to the playground.

Why that the govt built them a club as out of thousands of maid in Singapore, only less than 5 % will join. I see lots of maid at the beach every sat and sun.

Singapore govt needs to think of the employer if they wish for higher expectancy rate. Bcos of too much freedom given to the maid, many maid just accept any employer and after we paid their loan they ask for transfer.

Very unfair to the employer who work so hard for the family and pay so much to the maid with free lodging for nothing gd returns.

Just sharing. Sad

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